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Richard Taylor

Richard TaylorRichard Taylor – Senior Consultant

Richard Taylor has worked in the communications and
resources industry for over 30 years. During this time he has
been responsible for all communication requirements for
major resources corporations in Western Australia. Prior to
joining RMPR he held the position of Investor Relations
Manager for a resource consultancy specialising in small to
mid-tier listed companies with resource bases located
outside of Australia.

He has extensive experience in issues and crisis
communications management for BHP’s Iron Ore and Transport divisions, as well as Alcoa, LandCorp and the IGA retail group.

Richard also has considerable experience working with State and local authorities on greenfield and brownfield projects and land development industries, as well as community and stakeholder engagement. He has worked with global leaders in crisis communications management and with global corporate consultants such as McKinsey, Motorola, and with Toyota Production System experts.

He has wide exposure to all forms of internal and external communication requirements and has a deep understanding of what tools work and how best to engage audiences. His exposure in stakeholder management is considerable, enabling him to quickly identify target stakeholders, how they need to be informed, who needs to inform them and when to inform them.

His experience also includes:

  • Share registry management
  • Investor and market communications
  • Annual, quarterly and other report writing
  • Government regulatory requirements
  • Strategic communications development and deployment
  • Event management and production
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Community interaction
  • Issues and crisis communications management
  • Stakeholder programs and management

Recent work with small to medium resource companies was focussed on raising their
profiles, delivering positive impacts on share prices, increasing buyer interest and
educating the market on company resource bases. He has prepared companies for
listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange and worked with analysts and media globally,
and within Australia.

His experience has been utilised by Edith Cowan University where he has tutored in
public relations theory.

Mobile: 0451 471 006